Understanding Your Horoscope Through Mythology and Symbolism

Understanding Your Horoscope Through Mythology and Symbolism

Have you ever wondered why astrologers use symbols and mythology to interpret horoscopes? The reality is, the practice of astrology dates back to ancient civilizations that used mythology and symbolism to understand the movements of celestial bodies. By understanding the stories of gods and goddesses and their roles in the cosmos, we can better understand the forces that shape our lives.

Understanding Your Horoscope Through Mythology and Symbolism

Symbols in Astrology

Astrology relies heavily on symbols, such as the zodiac signs and planets. Each of these symbols holds a deeper meaning and has associations with various deities and myths. For example, the sign of Aries is represented by the ram, a symbol of courage and leadership that is associated with the god Ares. Similarly, the planet Venus is often linked to the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Understanding these associations can help us interpret the energies that each planet and sign brings to our lives.

Mythology in Astrology

Mythology is also a crucial element of astrology, as it helps us understand the archetypes and patterns that govern our lives. For instance, the myth of Persephone's journey into the underworld and subsequent return to the surface represents the cycles of death and rebirth that we all experience. This story also tells us about the relationship between the goddess of the underworld, Hades, and the goddess of agriculture, Demeter, which represents the cycle of life and death in nature. By understanding these myths and their relevance to astrology, we can gain insight into our own cycles of emotional transformation.

Putting it All Together

Combining symbols and mythology, we can create a more nuanced understanding of our horoscopes. For example, if you have a strong influence of the planet Mars in your chart, you may be inclined towards leadership and action-oriented pursuits, just like the god Ares. Conversely, if you have a strong influence of the loving and nurturing planet Venus, you may value beauty, love, and harmony, just like the goddess Aphrodite. Understanding these symbols and myths can help us understand our inherent strengths and weaknesses.


Astrology is a complex and rich language that has evolved over thousands of years. By understanding mythology and symbolism, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the forces that shape our lives. The next time you read your horoscope, take a moment to consider the gods and goddesses that are referenced, and the symbols they represent. You may be surprised by how much insight you gain into your own life.