How to Better Understand Your Horoscope


For those who believe in the power of the stars, horoscopes serve as a guide to understanding oneself and the world around them. However, be it as vague and puzzling as it may be, interpreting horoscopes can prove to be challenging. If you have found yourself continuously struggling with making sense of what the stars are indicating for you, this article will provide you with a few tips to help you debunk the astrological mystery and better understand your horoscope.

How to Better Understand Your Horoscope

Know your birth chart:

When you read your horoscope in the newspaper, you are essentially only reading your sun sign. However, to truly understand your astrological reading, it is important to understand your entire birth chart. Your birth chart includes more than just your sun sign; it also includes your moon sign, ascendant sign, and the positions of the other planets. By knowing your entire birth chart, you will be able to comprehend how different planets and signs interact with each other in influencing different aspects of your life.

Learn about the planets:

The planets represent different energies and aspects of your life. To understand your horoscope better, it is essential to comprehend what each planet symbolizes and what its influence on your life can be. For instance, Mars represents your energy, drive and ambition, Jupiter represents your luck and wealth, and Venus represents love and comforts.

Consider the angles:

The angles in your horoscope, such as the rising sign, mid-heaven, or the descendant, can provide you with an enhanced perspective to understand your horoscope better. These angles are just as crucial as your sun and moon sign, as they illustrate how different signs and planets interact with each other in your chart, providing a broader context to your horoscope.

Consult a professional:

If despite your best efforts, you find it challenging to fully comprehend your horoscope, it may be helpful to seek out a professional astrologer. A skilled astrologer can examine your birth chart in its entirety, interpret its significance, and provide you with valuable insights and guidance for your life.

Understanding your horoscope requires effort and patience. However, by learning about your birth chart, the planets, and the angles in your chart, you will be able to unravel the astrological puzzle and use the revelations to enrich your life.